questions to ask electrician

What questions should I ask an electrician?

7 questions you should ask an electrician

If you want to make sure you are getting the right person for the job there are some great questions you can ask.

We think the most important is -

  • Do you have insurance that covers your work?

This is because if they make a mistake, you can easily get it sorted out and you will be able to make a claim. Along with this, some other great questions are:

  • Are you registered with a government agency, if so which one?

A good electrician will be registered with a government agency, as being a trusted trader is so important.

  • Could I see your paperwork?

A trusted electrician will WANT to show who their paperwork. They work very hard and spend a lot of money to get accredited. If they don’t want to show you this is a RED FLAG. Added to this ask them what other credentials they can show you.

  • Who else will be working in my home or business?

Everyone doing electrical work for you should be qualified and insured.

  • Can you provide references?

An experienced electrician will happily show you references and reviews from previous customers. This is something they will be proud of if they are a good electrician.

  • How long will the electrical work take?

If it is a big job, they may not be able to give you an exact time, however, an experienced electrician will be able to give a good idea of the time to completion.

  • What is covered in the cost?

Make sure they can layout the entire cost and fees for the parts and labour. At Doctor Electrical, we are always upfront about costs, as any good electrician will be. We understand unexpected costs are the last thing anyone wants, so always check the electricians are upfront with your price.

If you ask these questions to an electrician, you will have a good idea if they will give you outstanding service or leave a hole in your wall.

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Duane Gilbert is the Managing Director of Doctor Electrical. A problem solver with 'hands-on' experience. He has been in the electrical industry since leaving school and built up a wealth of experience. Connect with Duane on LinkedIn >>

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