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When do I need an Electrician?

You may have decided it’s time to do some redecorating or you’re having a move around in your home, but not sure if you are safe to do all the jobs on your to-do-list? Are you selling your house? Or maybe the fuse keeps tripping and you’re fed up crouching in the fuse cupboard or standing on the chair to reset it?

It’s not easy to decide when you need an electrician, so the following might help make your mind up

You’ll Need an Electrician if: -

  • Lights or sockets in your home or garden aren’t working– you might be tempted to ignore one or two sockets as there are usually plenty of others in the house you can use instead. But it might be a sign of something more sinister. It could be older sockets, faulty wiring or electrical installation, or damp if they are indoors. Or you could have some friendly rodents chomping their way through your outdoor connections. No matter what the cause, and there could be many, it is always worth getting a qualified professional round to check and fix the issue before it causes other problems and becomes more costly in the long run.
  • Your fuse box keeps tripping – this can happen once when you try the Christmas lights for the first time since last year and one or two bulbs have blown, a faulty item is plugged in, or simply too many lights or electrical items are all pulling from the same circuit. The system gets overloaded and all the lights, appliances and electrics powered by that same circuit all go dead. If it happens on the odd occasion, chances are it is down to a single item. But if it happens more frequently, then something more intricate needs looking at, and you will not be able to fix it yourself. You will need an electrician to trace the fault and to resolve the issue.
  • You need new lights or sockets – unless the problem can be easily solved by changing the fittings and accessories, or replacing like-for-like, you will need an approved electrician. Before 2005, electricians were not essential to complete domestic and residential electrical repairs and replacements. However, as so many repairs were faulty and caused hazards, new regulations were introduced meaning all new electrical work must comply with Part P of the Building Regulations. So, check with your local electrician if you are in doubt.
  • You are buying or selling a home – if you are buyinga property, you are advised to have a full electrical inspection to assess if there are any issues and costs to put right. The seller should not have any problem with giving access for this. Some electricians may offer a visual check, but this will not be enough to satisfy your surveyor. If you are selling your property, an electrical inspection certificate will satisfy your purchasers and help prevent price negotiations or challenges further down the line.

You Don’t Need an Electrician if: -

  • Your domestic appliances are broken- fridges, freezers, cookers, washing machines, dryers, microwaves can be fixed by white goods repair companies. TV’s, DVD’s, sound systems, etc can be repaired by specialist repairers, but an electrician is not needed for these.
  • Your boiler or central heating electrics are not working - do not attempt to fix either of these yourself, your plumber, central heating specialist, or gas installer is able to inspect and repair this for you.
  • There is a power cut –if all the electrics in your house fail, check your neighbours or your street, as chances are it is a local power cut. An electrician will not be able to help here, so you will need to contact your electricity supplier (their contact details will be on your bill). 

So, whilst there are some electrical jobs in your house that you don’t need an electrician for and can safely tackle yourself, quite safely and legally, never put your family or your home at risk. Keep things simple.  Using a qualified electrician, you will ensure that the job is completed safely and in line with regulations.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Doctor Electrical for any guidance or advice. Always happy to help.

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