Fire Alarm Installations Nottingham

We offer Fire & Smoke alarm installations for the Nottingham area.

Why Install Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are one of the most essential devices in our homes because they save lives and our homes.

You need to make sure your fire alarms are working.

If the alarms stop working, get them replaced as soon as possible. If your fire alarms are faulty or at the end of their life give us a call to discuss the best choices you have.

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  • Fire alarm still beeping or chirping after changing the battery
  • Upgrade for better reliability with mains and battery power
  • If the built-in battery is past its recommended expiry

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House Fire, Fire alarm install

In most buildings, fire alarms are essential to keeping the people and the building safe. We work with you to make sure you have the right fire and smoke detection alarm for your home or building.

Why choose Doctor Electrical to install your fire alarm system.

As fully qualified Nottingham electricians, we can install your fire alarm system to the mains power quickly and safely for you. We will assess your home with you to ensure the placement of the alarms are in the best possible place for you and advise you on the best possible fire alarms for you.

We cover most areas in and around Nottingham. Fill out our contact form today for a call-back.

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Doctor Electrical Van
Fire Alarm Certification smoke and heat alarms

All the fire alarms we install comply with BS5839, which is the standard for fire alarm systems in the UK.

We will advise you on the different types like battery or mains powered smoke alarms you can have installed so you have the right information.

In 2018/2019, there were 196 fatalities in homes where the fire alarm didn’t sound or was not a fire alarm present.

Give our Nottingham electricians a call today and ask about how fire alarms

What Fire alarms do we install?

We use Aico fire alarms. These fire alarms are one of the industries leading fire alarm specialists who sold 3.6 million alarms in 2017! They also work alongside local authorities to make homes safe for tenants so you know you are in safe hands.

There are serval powering options for your fire alarm

  • Battery-powered (most common)
  • Mains powered
  • Mains powered with a battery backup

We highly recommend having a mains powered fire alarm with the battery back up because this gives you the most protection as it has two sources of power to ensure it works when you need it most.

The battery-powered smoke alarm options have an inbuilt lithium battery, which is rated to last 10 years, which is the ideal fire alarm system if you don’t want to have it wired into the mains.

Smarter Fire Alarms

We also provide the 3000 series Aico alarms that have the AudioLINK feature, which allows you to access data from your fire alarm via an app on your smartphone.

The AudioLINK gives you

  • Unlimited reports
  • Alarm status and history
  • Access data from your alarm

We even have a handy electrical advice video to show you how to test your alarm with the app, check it out and if you have questions after it is installed, we will be happy to help.

AudioLINK Fire Alarm Status Report Aico
Aico 3000 series alarms with AudioLINK
Duane Nottingham Electrician

Can a vape set off a fire alarm?

Normally no, a vape pen smoke would not be detected by a fire alarm however some have been known to be set off from the vapour.

Can fire alarms have built-in carbon monoxide alarms?

Yes, you can install fire alarms that have the built-in function to also detect carbon monoxide, give us a call to discuss these options.

Fire alarm beeping after changing the battery.

This could indicate a faulty smoke alarm and is best to be changed as a priority to keep you safe.