Home Rewire

To keep you and your family safe from electrical faults and fires.

Do you need to rewire your home?

Because old electrical circuits, in the house, were not designed for our modern way of living. Around 25 years ago, there may have been just one tv in a home, a cooker and fridge/freezer in the kitchen – at a push, maybe a microwave too. And a bit later on, an odd lamp at the bedside.

Oh, how things have changed!

With the increased demands now from the way we live today, old electrical installations will find it difficult to cope.

Signs you are ready for a Home Rewire.

If at any time you notice a smell coming from your electrics you must contact an electrician immediately.

Other tell-tale signs your electrics are out of date are:

  • Exposed wires
  • Only one or two single sockets in a room
  • Sockets mounted on skirting boards
  • Scorch marks on sockets and switches
  • Fuse Box mounted on wood
  • Rewireable fuses used in the Fuse Box
  • Sockets and switches which no longer work

When do you need a Home Rewire?

A home rewire may be necessary if you notice any of the signs above. For the safety of yourself and your family, we recommend contacting us to enquire about whether your electrics are safe, as soon as possible, If you spot any of them.

When you are considering renovations or construction work on your home, contractors will recommend a full house rewire is completed if it is necessary when they assess your project. That will ensure the quality and safety of your home electrics.

We would strongly recommend enquiring about an Electrical Installation Condition Report(EICR) if you know your home wiring is around 25 years old. Getting an EICR would highlight any issues with the safety of your installation. And we could provide you with the options available to bring your property up to current electrical standards.

Why chose Doctor Electrical for your Home Rewire

Our electricians are specialists in home rewires. Your safety is our priority. We believe in being completely transparent with our clients, will always be honest with what work is required. And give you a full explanation of the recommended work. Doctor Electricals electricians will present you with your options alongside clear and understandable pricing for the job done.

The Doctor Electrical electricians also understand the disruption to daily life that having your home rewired can cause, and so we will explain the best way to minimise this. Because we always treat your home with the same care, we would, our own.

If you think you may need to rewire your home electrics, please get in touch. Let us ensure you and your family are safe.