Safety Protection Lighting (SPL)

Safety Protection Lighting Fuse Box

Safety Protection Lighting (SPL) is that thing we all wish we got installed. Right, so we have all had that moment of the house power tripping, always at the worse possible moment. For me, when we are running late. The better half needs to finish drying her hair, especially as a special night is afoot. The last thing I want to be doing is faffing around in the dark, trying to get to the fuse box while awkwardly standing on a wonky chair. I guarantee you it is easier to put eyeliner on or gel your hair up if the lights are on.

That leaves us with a personal question though: We might be able to get around when the power trips, but what about our elderly parents or grandparents?

Safety Protection Lighting solves that dilemma. Rather than arriving at that old, damaged flappy fuse box with a torch in my mouth. I get to the fuse box hassle free (because now I can see where I am going), the light is on, ready for me to find the issue and get the house brought back to life. And guess what? I didn’t trip over, stand on one of the kid’s toys or fall to the bottom of the stairs when going into the cellar (where the fuse box is), because I could see that screwdriver I forgot to put away, meaning I save myself a broken neck. This fuse box upgrade is one of those fantastic little gadgets we install and forget about until the moment strikes. We will thank our past self for making this smart decision.

What is in the box?

  • 3-hour light battery life
  • No more risking your safety in unlit rooms
  • Latest safety technology
  • RCBO’s (if your lights trip, your food stays frozen)

Why is Safety Protection Lighting amazing?

The great thing about this safe fuse box lighting saviour is there is no messing around trying to find the torch in the “stuff draw”, be honest, we all have one (or two). The light is on, ready for you to come along and save the day so you can get back to the important stuff.

What if the pesky power flips off while you are out? Our Safety Protection Lighting has a 3-hour battery life, as we cannot always be there to sort the issue within 5 minutes. Once the power to the house is back up and running, the light automatically charges up ready for the next time the circuit trips.

During the installation of your very own Safety Protection Lighting, we’ll upgrade your fuse box to a modern one with the latest safety gear attached and RCBO’s. The latter means you will only lose one circuit rather than the whole house. Alongside that, the safety gadgets will keep you and your favourite people safe. Fuses are the first line of defense during an electrical fault.

Do I need to upgrade my fuse box?

Upgrading your fuse box is a fantastic idea. Not even just for the safety light but also to ensure your fuse box is of the highest quality to keep your home, contents and family safe.

New fuse boxes have faster-reacting fuses (around 0.3 seconds to shut off), which reduce the chance of a fatal shock. The new fuses are also more sensitive, so faults that may go undetected with an old fuse box will have a greater chance of tripping the power before a real problem occurs.

If your fuse box is in; a cellar, garage or just a room without much light, this makes the Safety Protection Lighting perfect for you

  • 3 hours of battery life which recharges automatically
  • RCBO’s, this means other circuits stay on if others trip
  • New fuse technology which could save you from a fatal shock
  • Choice of different lighting options

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