Doctor Electrical, Electricians in Nottingham

Doctor Electrical is a Nottingham based family electrician company specialising in domestic electrical installations. Whether you are a homeowner or a landlord, we are here to keep you and your property safe.

If you need a plug changing or a full house rewire, we can help you, call and book today.

Operating in Nottingham, & Derby we pride ourselves on our customer service and professional service.

Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) and Certificates

The electrical installation in any property needs periodically checking to ensure it is safe and up to current standards and regulations. The demand on a property’s electrics has skyrocketed over recent years with so many additional appliances and gadgets in daily use.

If you are a homeowner and your electrical installation is over 25 years old, then please get in touch so that we can come out and check it is safe.

If you are a landlord then you have a legal responsibility to ensure you have a valid EICR – please download our FREE Guide for more information.

Home Rewires

If the electrics in your property have been installed for a while, they may not be up to the demand on them anymore. If you have any scorch marks on sockets or switches, you have single sockets mounted on skirting boards then the chances are your electrical installation is out of date and will require an upgrade. For more information on the signs your home may need a rewire, please see our dedicated page.

Fuse Box Upgrades

If your fuse box (also known as a fuse board or consumer unit) is causing problems, if you can smell burning when you are close to it, or if it is mounted on wood or plastic, then the chances are it is now outdated. Current consumer units are housed in a metal casing and contain an RCD unit to keep you and your property safe. If you have an old fuse box that needs an upgrade, please see our dedicated page.

Small Electrical Jobs

It doesn’t matter to us whether it’s a single switch that needs replacing, a new socket installing, or a new light fitting… we are happy to come out and do that small electrical job for you. As a family company we understand the importance of your home being safe. For more information on booking us for small electrical jobs, including our transparent pricing structure, please see our dedicated page.